Posted by on 08/12/2016


• Increase attendance at monthly health seminars

• Attract new patients by leveraging earned media and social media

• Establish a public profile for the centre’s leading chiropractor as a healthcare expert


I proposed a strategy to ensure effective use of social media, leveraging the existing Facebook feed and website, and creating a Twitter feed to reach the local target audience of potential patients and seminar attendees. I proposed initial ad buys on local radio as an “in” to earn the chiropractor a place as a regular expert guest on regional radio. I also proposed a plan to celebrate the clinic’s twentieth anniversary to gain coverage in local media.


The Facebook feed has increased its engagement by roughly 1020% and continues to grow in terms of followers at a rate of 8% per week. The Twitter feed has already gained a following to rival identified rivals in the same geographic area. I negotiated an ad buy equal to six months’ cost for over a year, with twice daily adverts on a major regional radio station. The station has also hosted the chiropractor on for regular expert interviews related to healthcare, and to pitch his monthly seminar. The lead chiropractor has seen an increase in his invitations to speak at conferences and symposia, and just agreed to a monthly segment on local broadcast TV. Attendance at monthly seminars has more than doubled with five out of the past seven seminars standing-room-only. New patients to the client commonly cite social media adverts or radio as the impetus for coming into the clinic. As part of a 20th anniversary celebration — featuring the mayor and other local dignitaries and significant earned media coverage — we also redesigned the clinic logo.

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