Posted by on 01/12/2017

  • Secure a commitment by the province to the Highway 400-404 Link freeway
  • Ensure the Link appears on an updated official growth plan by the province
I proposed a series of meetings with area Members of Provincial Parliament, senior staff in the Premier’s Office, senior staff in the relevant Ministers’ Offices and advised my client to commission a poll to gauge the popularity of the Link locally, as well as an accompanying PR strategy.
To date, I secured meetings with the Premier’s Chief of Staff, the Premier’s regional advisor and issues manager, as well as senior policy staff in the Minister of Transportation office and the Minister of Municipal Affairs office, in addition to meetings with regional MPPs and their staff, to advocate for my client. PR efforts resulted in a series of op eds in regional newspapers by the Mayor and County Warden, as well as various print and TV interviews in local and regional outlets. Next steps being contemplated include province-wide public relations and additional government relations with a focus on influencing election platform commitments of all three major parties.