Posted by on 08/12/2016


• Gain progressive-minded support for the Liberal Party

• Promote policies aimed at the LGBT community

• Effect change in a discriminatory policy


We proposed zeroing in on a Liberal policy to end a ban on men who sleep with men from donating blood in Canada, both to advocate for change in the policy and to recruit progressive LGBT Canadians to the Liberal Party. To that end, I proposed a dual strategy of public relations and direct advertising. Charming adverts linking towards an online petition were placed in gay clubs and on LGBT dating apps (i.e. Grindr). We then released the campaign and nature of the advertising in a press release to national media. I also helped secure op ed columns to promote the policy in national media.


In addition to earned media coverage and an op ed, we recruited several thousand online signups to the petition, a significant percentage of whom were then converted into Liberal supporters for the 2015 Canadian election. A meeting with the senior staff of Canada Blood Services was secured as well, and my client was consulted on proposed changes to the policy in question as it will be phased out entirely.